PizzArte is a contemporary restaurant offering modern interpretations of classic Neapolitan cuisine not found elsewhere in NYC, as true to tradition and as innovative as the cuisine found in the best restaurants in the region of Campania.

Culinary History
Our modern Italian cuisine is firmly grounded in the traditions of the region of Campania, which has a diverse and rich culinary history. From Naples--the famed birthplace of pizza--to the fresh seafood of the Tyrrhenian Sea to the rustic fare of Avellino and the mountainous interior.
The key to our cuisine is simplicity: By combining just a few simple ingredients, carefully selected, treated respectfully and combined in just the right way, we create pure flavors which aren’t hidden behind sauce or spices. Thus, only the best ingredients will do. For the cuisine of Campania, we rely upon local and imported ingredients of the region, with a strong emphasis on seafood, salty capers, homemade pasta, meats and sauces.